Notice of award of a sub-concession for stalls/stands/warehouses inside the Agri-food Wholesale Market in Udine

Notice is hereby given to interested operators that, 3 market stands became available at the Agri-Food Wholesale Market in Udine.
These are adjacent spaces of 260 square meters each and they are composed by: display/sales area, warehouse with back area for loading/unloading operations, offices and toilets.
Current monthly sub-concession fee is €780,60 plus required VAT for each stall/stand.
Operators interested in being awarded sub-concessions of the available spaces must submit the application, following the conditions specified in the full notice, which can be downloaded hereafter, within May 16th 2016 at 12:00 sending it to Udine Mercati Srl, piazzale dell’Agricoltura 16, Udine.
For further information you can call +39 0432 520677.