About us

A complete market-system

150.000 square meters of products and services to meet all the requirements of regional, national and international agro alimentary operators.

UDINE MERCATI S.r.l., giovane società di gestione dall’aprile 2000 del complesso del Mercato Agroalimentare all’Ingrosso di Udine, è stata fortemente voluta dalle componenti pubbliche e private del settore, tra le quali spicca l’Amministrazione Comunale di Udine, proprietaria del sito, che privatizzandone la gestione, ha inteso dare allo stesso quelle possibilità di sviluppo necessarie per un suo definitivo decollo commerciale.
By tradition, geographical position, road and motorway network – in fact it is placed 1 km. from the motorway exit A23 Udine South – the wholesale Agro alimentary Market of Udine always addresses not only the regional consumers and the national market but also the exportation to some neighbouring countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Czechian Republic, Slovak Republik, Hungary, Romany, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova and Baltic States.

In this structure work today more than 30 very well organised and structured firms.

Platforms of the great distribution, hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounts, catering undertakings : these are the principal fields, which are daily served and contented both from the point of view of quality and from that of logistic and services.